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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Publishers and marketers have fewer opportunities to meet and learn from each other, due to coronavirus. We are pleased to organize a series of educational webinars. This panel is with leading sell-side media professionals.

TOPIC: Reallocation Strategies and Tactics for Publishers

This is a discussion and Q&A with industry leaders from Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, Fandom, Advisor Perspectives and Programmatic Intelligence on the challenges, opportunities and the latest trends in Digital Transformation in Advertising.

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AdNode is a SaaS company solving for accountability, efficiency and visibility in digital advertising. AdNode’s reconciliation platform provides unified data for billing calculations of a digital ad campaign against pre-agreed business rules - there is never any inconsistent data, lack of accountability, discrepancy or dispute. 


Ad agencies save time by automating the reconciliation process resulting in increased operational efficiencies. Advertisers only pay for ad impressions meeting their business rules, achieving an estimated 100% increase in quality media impressions. Publishers improve effective CPMs (eCPMs) with better ad ops focused on delivering the highest value inventory buckets.

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